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"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
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Mother of the World
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The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
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"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
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The Christ. His 'Loving Power Of Rule':
A hypothetical exercise in lieu of the real event scheduled to take place. A discourse on "mass intellectual wrong emphasis" as confronts the Christ. JPC.

The Christ. His 'Loving Power Of Rule':


The Christ, who comes, will come to gather his little children. That is, he will gather close any aspirants to discipleship that can respond to his "spiritual statements" and his indications of "true meaning." It may be accepted perhaps that most all accepting disciples and those accepted, those who have or are ready to take the first and second initiations, and those world statesmen who have sufficient love for humanity as indicated by DK, will need no second call. Such will be the 'Loving Power Of Rule' emanating from our Lord and Master.


The greatest problem foreseen by him and the hierarchy, will be the "mass intellectual wrong emphasis" taken by those who are more firmly focussed on the lower mental plane, in the so called concrete mind, presumably because of the harder, and barrier like constitution, which denotes such a state of consciousness. For, the mass of men will definatly have to be reached to varying degrees if his mission is to be at all successful.


It is this group of men and women who will determine whether he will be accepted in the world of political, judicial, economic, scientific and religious struggle and thus whether the hierarchy are allowed and enabled to materialise back onto the outer plane of world affairs, taking control of the guiding, educating and Initiating of the human race. What do you as a sincere co-worker; think the chances are, of this being allowed to happen at the present or near future for example? Which countries of the world, as groups of men do you think are likely, or not, to accept such a figure of 'loving rule' that announces his return to guide humanity in all it religions and to steer humanity from materialism into the kingdom of god which it rightly should be so doing as the one humanity?


At present I do not think there would be an immediate acceptance, if at all on a mass scale. I simply do not know.


I have pondered for some time on the mass intellectual thing, as I have seen it in my mind, already in action. I am sure; well I know that is to be disputed! I think there are some, few, leaders who could respond to such a call of spiritual leadership, though whether the mass would respond at this time, I am hesitant to consider in the positive.


I think the balance, so to speak is nearing a point of equilibrium. Though not quit there, my whole reason for the post is that I have had to consider this issue, as have many others I am sure. My personal thought is, that the Hierarchy have considered a recent sooner rather than later scenario because of world affairs. I will not go into a whole list of names who I think are part of an advance guard. Many we/I simply do not know, as they are not in the public eye.


But I will name one female who is prominent and I think particularly of interest. My reasons for my choice is not up for discussion but may simply be of quiet interest for group reflection. As I hope my post has and will be. As I mentioned it is more of a hypothetical exercise, but of real and possibly even immediate moment! Good lord, imagine that!  There are of course many reasons that point against this event, but well anyway I have shared a few thoughts.


My choice then is: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


This is just a hypothetical exercise in lieu of the real event scheduled to take place. A discourse on "mass intellectual wrong emphasis" as confronts the Christ. JPC.



The problem of the Christ: "intellectual wrong emphasis." JPC.


This presents Him with stupendous difficulties, for the intellects of men must now be reached and not just their hearts (as in the earlier days) if the Will of God is to be intelligently carried out on Earth.  His major task is surely the establishing of right human relations in every department of human living. 


I would ask you to use your imagination and endeavour to think what must be the implications of the task which confronts Him; I would ask you to ponder on the difficulties which He must inevitably face the difficulty, above all, of mass intellectual wrong emphasis. RC 56.


Your enquiring mind, my brother, is a real group asset, but when couched in terms of bewilderment, or critical intellectual questioning, it can let in destructive force.


Use the knowledge which you have to emphasize the facts of which you are sure. Take your stand upon the basic certainties, and remember, that in the synthesis of the apparently contradictory complexities, there will come eventually enlightenment. Therefore, my brother, can I do anything else except tell you to wait with patience?


In occult training, the old adage remains profoundly true that "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." The Path leading to omniscience is one of pitfalls and of difficulties. Has it ever struck you what complexities the Great Ones face as they deal with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally the same. But techniques and methods of presentation alter with each cycle, because the receiving equipment of man steadily alters and improves.


This improvement does not necessarily mean an easier type of pupil; it often means the reverse. The Teacher has not only to impart the old truth in a new way, but has often to offset the established habits of thought and the impatience of a too eager mind. DINA1 347.


I would have you remember that suggestion is all that a Master ever makes to a disciple, even though he may make positive statements about human affairs. These statements may be entirely correct; the neophyte, however, is usually too blind or prejudiced by his own individual point of view to accept them.


Obedience can only be rendered when there is a developed understanding and an inclusive vision; if that is lacking, the passing of time will adjust the matter. DINA1 687.


Psychics everywhere throughout the world and of all kinds. They respond to those upon the astral plane who are catching the higher impression or who telepathically get some aspect of the projected idea. In such cases there is always glamor, distortion and misrepresentation.


This causes much trouble but is a force with which the leaders and teachers of humanity must reckon. It affects the least intelligent of the masses of men and does give them some general, even if distorted, idea of the Plan, but is apt to revolt the intellectual, and complicate the work of the trained disciple. DINA1 770.


That their method of application and the techniques employed are frequently un-Christ-like is sadly true, but the foundational concepts will bear with equanimity the light which Christ can throw upon them.


The principal difficulty has been that our intellectual grasp of the concepts runs ahead of our own personal development, and therefore colors disastrously our application of them.


When these basic ideas are transmuted into world ideals by the consecrated thinkers of the race, and applied in the spirit in which Christ conceived of them, then we shall indeed inaugurate a new world order.  BC 169.


The work has to go forward in clamor. The point of peace must be found in the midst of riot. Wisdom must be attained in the very midst of intellectual turmoil and the work of cooperation with the Hierarchy on the inner side of life must proceed amidst the devastating racket of modern life in the great cities. Such is your problem and such is my problem as I seek to aid you. DINA1 6.


This Hierarchy, being on the verge of liberation, is to be found on the intellectual level of consciousness and can, therefore, be used as a focal point and a transmitter of the higher energies to our solar system and to the planet. EA 33.


I would like here to bring to your attention and that is that the two great groups of divine agents - the Great White Brotherhood and the Lodge of Materialistic Forces - are both of them seeking to divert these energies into channels which will further the ends for which they work and for which they were formed and exist. Therefore, I would ask you to remember that behind all the outer events are these two directing agencies. You have, as a consequence:


Two groups of advanced Minds, both groups equally illumined by the light of the intellect, and both of them formulating clearly their objectives, but differing in their direction and their emphasis. One group, under the divine plan, works with the form aspect entirely, and in this group the light of love and of selflessness is absent.


The other group is working entirely with the soul or the consciousness aspect, and in this group the doctrine of the heart and the law of love control. In this connection, the two groups are working in opposition, therefore, upon the mental plane. DN 107.


Pride -which is intellectual satisfaction, making the mind the barrier to soul control.    


Separativeness - which is the isolated attitude and which makes the mind the barrier to right group relations. EA 206.


The whole process and its interpretation is dependent upon the intellectual point in evolution of the race. EA 256.


If you can succeed in presenting these four ideas to the world at large, thus overcoming the intelligent criticism that all that is said is too vague, prophetic, and visionary, you will do much. It is possible, surely, that the ancient truism, "the mind is the slayer of the real" may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity is concerned, and that the purely intellectual approach (which rejects the vision and refuses to accept the unprovable) may be far more at fault than the anticipations of the Knowers of God and the expectant multitude.


The intelligence of divinity is vested in the spiritual Hierarchy, and that Hierarchy is today composed of Those Who have united in Themselves both the intellect and the intuition, the practical and the apparently impractical, the factual way of life and the way of the man who sees a vision.


There are also the people who must be found in the market place of daily life; these are the people who must be trained in the divine recognitions which are essentially physical plane responses to the new expansions of consciousness. The Christ Who will return will not be like the Christ Who (apparently) departed.


He will not be a "man of sorrows"; He will not be a silent, pensive figure; He will be the enunciator of spiritual statements which will not necessitate interpretation (and give rise to misinterpretation) because He will be present to indicate the true meaning.  


The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself. The Son of God is on His way and He cometh not alone. His advance guard is already here and the Plan which they must follow is already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim. EXT 612.


We come now to the preparatory work being done by the Master Who started what is called by you "the labor movement." This is regarded by the Hierarchy as one of the most successful attempts in all history to awaken the masses of men (in the brackets called middle class and lower class) to general betterment, and thus set up a momentum which would, occultly speaking, "swing them into light."Along with the development of the labor movement, mass education came into being, with the result that -from the angle of developed intelligence - the entire level of conscious awareness was universally raised.


There is still much illiteracy, but the average citizen in all the western democracies and in the Soviet Union is as well educated as the intellectual man in the Middle Ages. You have, in this activity, an outstanding instance of how the Masters work, for (to the average onlooker) the labor movement arose from within the masses and the working classes; it was a spontaneous development, based upon the thinking and the teaching of a mere handful of men who were regarded primarily as agitators and trouble makers; they were in reality a group of disciples (many of them unconscious of their esoteric status) who were cooperating with the Law of Evolution and also with the hierarchical Plan. They were not particularly advanced disciples, but they were affiliated with some Ashram (according to their ray), and were therefore subject to impression. Had they been advanced disciples or initiates, their work would have been futile, for their presentation of the Plan would not have been adapted to the level of the intelligence of the then totally uneducated masses composing labor.    


This Master works primarily with the intelligentsia, and He is therefore a third ray Master - upon the Ray of Active Intelligence. His Ashram is occupied with the problems of industry, and the goal of all the thinking, all the planning and all the work of impressing receptive minds is directed towards spiritualizing the concepts of the labor party in every country, and of industrialists, thus turning them towards the goal of right sharing, as a major step towards right human relations. This Master therefore cooperates with the Master R. - Who is the Head of the third ray Ashram, and Who is also one of the Triangle of Forces which controls the greater Ashram of the Hierarchy Itself.


This Master is necessarily an Englishman, for the industrial revolution started nearly one hundred years ago in England, and the potency of the work done is related to its mass effect and to the results achieved in every land by labor and its methods. All the great labor organizations, national and international, are loosely knit together subjectively, because in each group this Master has His disciples who are working constantly to hold the movement in line with the divine Plan.


It is well to bear in mind that all great movements on earth demonstrate both good and evil; the evil has to be subdued and dissipated, or relegated to its right proportional place, before that which is good and in line with hierarchical planning can find true expression. What is true of the individual is true also of groups. Before the soul can express itself through the medium of the personality, that personality has to be subdued, controlled, purified and dedicated to service. It is this controlling, subduing process which is going on now, and it is vociferously fought by the selfish and ambitious elements.   


Nevertheless, the work of this Master is outstandingly successful in preparing the intellectual principle of the masses for eventual right recognition of the Christ. EXT 665.

Jeremy Condick.

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